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5 Hunks (or more) for Halloween

This Halloween I have no spooky gifts to give, but I if you'd still like to scream trick or treat at the rusty sarcasm door, who am I to say no? And so I offer a little treat - some hunky hunks for your Halloween that can been seen on your small screen. Ooo, listen to that alliteration!
I present these in no particular order. Enjoy.

If you were fan of True Blood, you either loved Bill or adored Eric.And if you adored Eric, you have a thing for danger. He's the only vampire on our list today, and for good reason - he might actually bite you just because he can. The bigger question is, would you be excited or terrified?

You only have to watch one episode of The Following to know Joe Carroll was mad intense in so many wrong ways. And then that part of your mind that hears English professor and Poe lover starts talking and you realize the whole show is so much more complicated. James Purefoy, for this we thank you.

Mr. Crane is not someone spooky, but he does have a lot to deal with. Witchy wife, the coming end of the world, a headless horseman, and a very complicated home situation. It might be his observations of our modern world, or that finely cut Revolutionary war jacket, but he can save me any Halloween night.

If you haven't seen the BBC series HEX you are missing out on early Fassy at his best. Intense and fearless, there is a haunted, dynamic, and dangerous tone to his acting of the fallen angel we haven't seen since. And look at the guyliner; just look at it. Fun fact, a SUPER curly haired Joseph Morgan (Vampire Diaries, The Originals) shows up too.

I'm sorry, I know I'm weak. But have you SEEN the cast of Teen Wolf? I mean really, its like a line up for the ab olympics. And if I was going to bank on a group wolves saving me, it would be this crew, even the big baddies with bright red eyes. And if you were wondering, my line-up goes like this: Stiles, Peter, Derek...opps! my geek is showing. 

Enjoy your Halloween tonight, and remember a marathon with any of the above men in it will be a great use of your time. 

new portfolio!

Click the above to view the 14-15 portfolio.

After much thought - much, much thought - I've finally decided that the blog's the thing and a new PDF portfolio for my design work is best. Have some work for me? Just drop me a line! 

deck the halls


Despite the fact that I am adamantly anti-Christmas music until November 28th, it is not too early to start thinking about your holiday card. And if you're going to make it yourself - it REALLY isn't too early. Above is a collection of lovely fonts to get your merry & bright inspiration going.

Like with the fall fonts, remember that these selected fonts are featured in their best light - highlighting certain letters and spacing. As with most things, have an idea in mind and feel free to experiment.

haunted hallways

In Fall I remember - places, people, music. And while this mix might not sound particularly spooky or haunted, they are songs that remind me distinctly of this time of year. Each one for me tells a story;  together they spin a strange world of memory and musings.

As I look at my choices, I easily see that time has creeped up on me. Soon, I'll have to call myself old. Enjoy on 8tracks.

Of course, if your music tastes run more to the theatre masterpieces, I would try these:

Wildhorn's Dracula              Sweeney Todd        
Jane Eyre                           Jekyll & Hyde                
Wicked                               Phantom of the Opera
Repo! The Genetic Opera

pintrest - on fall

Now that we're jumping into October, Pinterest has already been long-filled with Fall inspiration. And as my favorite season of all, I'm just a little pinning crazy at the moment. Below are a few of my favorite pins for fall (this year!) with links to lots and lots of more fall boards.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8