& the slipper still fits

June Brush Set

Brush Set #007, June 2011 Photoshop CS4+
Let's float in the sky and bounce along the summer with some silly, but pretty, balloon-like brushes. Total of 10 brushes with varying sizes and shapes. Best when used in color, even though I always seem to use grey in these examples.

The Borgias Season Sum Up (Part 5)

Episode 6: The French King

Giovanni, broken leg and all, begins to be charmed and tamed by his young wife. Meanwhile, his young wife is still charming the stable boy.** And let us not forget about Cesare and Ursula. With her husband “gone” for a few days, Ursula meets Cesare at the Borgia villa and falls into a days-long tryst. Later, Ursua discovers that Cesare has actually, liberated her, and – horrified that her dreams have come true—she joins a nunnery. ^

This is an act that is rather muddled in the show. On the surface, it looks like Ursula is horrified at the ease Cesar, a cardinal, was able to act; however Cesare explains his rationale and reasoning so beautifully, there is no way she could not love him. Here’s my take: Ursula flees to a nunnery because she has sinned; she wished her husband dead; she gave into Cesare. Ursula is repulsed by her own actions and takes the only action she can: she denies herself Cesare, the only thing she wants. It has nothing to do with Cesare other than he is her object of affection.

With the threat of France becoming real, Rodrigo and Juan look to find another suitable marriage alliance. Juan, clear to state he’ll marry a legitimate heir or no one, pawns all the prospective women on to his little brother Gioffre – who is younger than Lucrezia. Of course, this doesn’t stop Juan from sampling the finest of the candidates. Oh no, he makes a special visit to creeptastic Naples to visit Alphonso, his father, and his bastard sister Sancia. In short, and I won’t mince words, Juan and Sancia are sluts, and worse than that: they’re sluts in the stuff enemies room. In the end, there is another Borgia marriage and Gioffre becomes Duke of Naples. The only plus? Lucrezia gets to come home for the wedding. Oh, and Vannozza was invited to this one.

On a side note: now rejected by Rodrigo, Vannozza’s first husband—a goat farmer—returns (actually, he returned in episode 4) and they start their relationship up anew. Both Cesare and Juan question their paternity and their destinies when he shows up: Juan in his characteristically angry way, and Cesare in his more composed, thoughtful way.

Not to be outdone, della Rovere has finally met up with the French King, Charles VIII. In exchange for harles supporting della Rovere as Pope, Rovere promises clear and safe passage to French troops. Charles laughs in his face: France, with its CANNONS absolutely does not need della Rovere’s help, but now that Rovere is on this path, he has to see it through.

**Who is now not only called Paolo, but Narcissus too; to which he says he can’t read and so Lucrezia “schools him” in classic Greek mythology. I don’t really get the whole Narcissus thing, but I wasn’t much of a Paolo fan to begin with.
^In episode 5 we discover Ursula will have a few days alone as her husband travels away. Her and Cesare plot this as their tryst time; Cesare just plots a little more permanently.

Modern Jane Austen-equse movies mock-ups

In celebration of #REbe this Friday, I thought it would be really fun to write my own Jane Austen inspired movie concepts. I don't think there is any reason to say much more, but just get to it.

Manor, Corrupt
Starring: Jon Hamm, Amanda Seyfried, Tina Fey, Naomi Watts, Stellan Skarsgard
Song: "Judas" - Lady Gaga

Interpol agent Henry Crawford (Jon Hamm) and his partner Mary (Tina Fey) have a new mission: infiltrate the Caribbean operations of Bertram industries, befriend its founder Tom Bertram (Stellan Skarsgard) and discover if they are really selling West Indian Sugar or lump cocaine. Henry’s top secret contact, Tom’s eldest daughter, Maria (Amanda Seyfried) desperately wants out of her father’s family business, and her engagement to one of her father’s associates. Soon Henry finds he needs Maria more than she needs him. And his whole cover could be blown by one foolish mistake. Will he come out alive with the information to take down the Bertrams? or will he pay the ultimate price?

So Well
Starring: Emma Stone, Alex Pettyfer, Diane Kruger
Song: "Waking Up" - One Republic

Georgie Darcy (Emma Stone) has no life. She sits in her college dorm and studies constantly; that is, she does until Caroline Bingley (Diane Kruger) invites herself for a vacation. Determined to find a man, Caroline treks Georgie all around London with her. And while Georgie can’t stand the uptight society of upper class London, she does love watching Denny Williams (Alex Pettyfer) sell produce at the local farmer’s market. When Georgie bumps into him at a midnight ball, she realizes getting your heart broken once, doesn’t mean it will happen again.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day dear reader! And while I may not be a father, I thought I could celebrate the day just a little by highlighting some of my favorite costume drama fathers. (Warning: We're a little fantasy-heavy this feature, I must still be in fantasy mode.)

Robert Crawley is that quiet type of father. He leaves the mothering to the mothers of his family, but he has no trouble stepping in and parenting himself. He takes Matthew in and accepts him right away. One because he has to, and two because he is genuinely a kind person. And while taking Matthew in may seem like a rather unfatherly thing to do, he is also so loyal to his daugthers it hurts. You can literally feel when he's being protective, or humoring them, or positive they'd made a mistake. And last but not least, how can you not adore a father who lets his daughter where controversial, yet classy, couture?

I think I could just post this picture and everyone would get why Mr. Bennet's on the list. Sure, he's not a hands on father at all, and he absolutely play favorites, but when it comes down to it, and you've run away with a very bad man, he will follow you--and he probably wouldn't do more than shake his head when he got you home. Mr. Bennet is that quiet type of man who keeps his own council and only speaks when he's sure to be heard. Its the tender, little moments that count with this father.

You're yelling, aren't you dear reader? Why is Uther of all people on this list? His hatred of all things magic aside, think about it -- Uther is actually a really good father. His character is made up of three things: pride for Camelot, jerk toward magic, and hard but clearly loving father towards Arthur. (No, I'm not counting the crazy-weird relationship he has with Morgana in season 3 when he still looks at her as a daughter but she loathes him...its crazy...and...weird.) And when he does conflict with Arthur its to protect him, or because Arthur is proposing something outside the traditional. Just like a normal father-son relationship.

Austen tends to have a theme with her fathers: quiet and sweet. Mr. Woodhouse, however, is the only father that is her main character's only parent. And while Emma acts more like a companion in running her father's house than a daughter of it, Mr. Woodhouse is always looking after her. He's a careful father, worried about Emma's health and happiness hand in hand. He's good to Emma's friends, and knows when to give her her space. Mr. Woodhouse is well, he's like my own dad in those ways, so how could I not love him?

Yep, we went super fantasy this time around dear reader. Eddard Stark is a principled father who loves his children, but must temper his love with the duty they all will one day feel. He's raising the next warden of the North, the next queen, and the next alliance makers of Winterfell. But he's still just like all other fathers: unsure what to buy his daughters, unsure what to say to his sons before they go off for war, and unsure how he will live a life without his children near him. He's a father we hate to see struggle, and a father we hate to see lost.

Have a very happy Father Day's with your father's today dear reader. Make those papas proud!

Are you ready for #REbe?

The Becoming Jane REwatch is this Friday at 8:00 PM EST. Join us and the gang to watch Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy fall desperately in love. Read all the info here.
Click here to download the reminder wallpaper.

OOTD - Oh no I didn't buy these crazy shoes!

Reader, I couldn't resist them. I tried, I really did, but they're just too shiny and too high, and too perfect. So, I broke down, ordered them online and here they are --

They're called The Erbes Pump by Call It Spring, and can I tell you they would make me think its spring even in the dead of winter. I actually bought them for this event; if you're a Southern PA local and love Jazz, you should join me there! (And yep, I did that website too :D ) I figured the pump would look classy and also be jazzy enough for the event. I will admit I might need a change of shoes half-way through, but I'm sure going to try.

The other OOTD of my week has been my pursuit of Caroline Forbes hair I've been trying to figure out how much flip is enough/too much. I went in search of a youtube tutorial, and found this really great explanation about how to section hair for Caroline curls. Even though my hair is way shorter than Caroline's I think I got a pretty good version going:

I can't wait to see how it looks when my hair gets a little bit longer. Oh, and yes my hair is a different color.

First Look: Neverland

There's a new Peter Pan on the way and this time, its an origin story. Finally!

I've always wondered what someone's take on a prequel Peter Pan would be, and now I finally get my question answered. By Syfy no less. And while I'm definitely...um...okay we all know Syfy makes some bad movies. Neverland though, looks like it's in the Tin Man/Alice realm and for that I am very grateful.

It's got a stellar cast and some decent CGI effects and--the best part--I don't have to pay $12.50 to see it. Totally catching this one when it airs.

Anatomy of a Scene: Proposals

I'm a sucker for a good scene, dear reader; so much so, I always end up spending hours thinking about just one really fantastic scene in a movie or video. I was doing this just a few days ago about the first proposal scene in Pride and Prejudice. For me, its the pinnacle of cringe-worthy. I still don't think I've ever seen the full scene because I have to look away; its just too much like a car crash you can't take your eyes off, but you have to. And then I got to thinking...almost all the costume dramas with two proposals from the same man look alike: not just in color and tone, but also in composition and theme. The men are tortured, they shock the women they love with a proposal, and (other than Jane Eyre) end really badly. And that's not all.

Now of course, I'm going back to my old favorites with two proposal scenes: Pride and Prejudice, North and South, and Jane Eyre; and I'm also looking at both versions of Pride and Prejudice. What are the similarities? Well let's get started.

First, the individuals are always alone (which is appropriate considering the time in which the story was written). Furthermore, the men always come to the women and initiate the proposal (not a big surprise, I know); in other words, the men enter the female's world: Thornton goes to the Hale's, Darcy goes to Mr. Collin's vicarage where Lizzy is staying, and Rochester meets Jane in Nature by the chestnut tree. When alone, the characters are no longer bound to society's standards and are free to express their true feelings. This similarity is more thematic as an attribute of the novels; however, the translation to film is also powerful. You can sense the freedom the actors feel in these scenes. Having just two actors in the scene, emotionally focused and present, electrifies the tension in the scene.

Second, the heroine is always under a misapprehension. Lizzy is completely blindsided by Darcy's proposal; Margaret is the same; and Jane thinks Rochester is sending her to Ireland and marrying another woman (so SO the same). This remarkably stubborn streak of in-the-dark heroines has always been a theme of costume dramas. And its their lack of consciousness which fuels the resolution of the story and second proposal. AND makes for an insanely awkward first proposal.

Third, the main characters are always facing each other. This staging is for more than just dramatic camera angles; it is a physical representation of character opposition, a visible extension of their opposing view points. Picture: metaphorically butting heads. During the first proposal both sides are ready for a fight. For example, Thornton proposes already defending his actions, and at Margaret's pressing defends his very love for her. Darcy does the same thing. And while Lizzy is able to articulate her argument much more eloquently than Margaret, her shock is still the same as is her physical placement opposite of Darcy.

Cinematically, the first proposal is often edited full of short close-ups, highlighting how far apart emotionally and physically the two characters are from each other. The scenes rarely have the two character's in the same shot together, and if they are, their body language clearly closes them off to one another.

We can truly focus on this staging of opposition if we look at the second proposal scenes. In those, the characters are set side-by-side in bright settings, their demeanor much softer and much more calm.

Darcy and Lizzy walk slowly in the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice, neither leading each other towards Meryton, but both know where they are going. And while they do not touch, this walk together highlights their growth into mutual respect and equality. It's a vastly different scene than there cringe-worthy proposal.

John Thornton and Margaret do not walk during their second proposal, but sit together at a train station (this is one of the few major scenes from a book that the BBC changed during the adaptation process). The train station is halfway between Milton and London, and so it is neutral ground for both characters. They sit together, but are angled towards each other; most importantly, they are filmed up close with the other always in the shot as well. Their nearness is in large contrast to Thornton's first proposal where a whole table and room where in between them.

The 1988 version of Jane Eyre also follows this second proposal format, and it can be seen in the 2008 version as well. Like in Pride and Prejudice and North and South, Jane and Rochester sit side-by-side, and combined with the longer camera shots, this staging helps to empower the sense of equality and mutual determination both characters share moving forward. By having both characters sit towards a common direction and be close physically, they parallel their new outlooks towards common goals and common futures. In comparison, Rochester's first proposal may have seemed like a shared goal for Jane; however, it is not. Jane's goal is to have a loving, yet socially questionable marriage with the man she loves; Rochester's goal is to posses the women he loves, but lie to her to gain her trust.
Now I'm sure dear reader, you're sitting at your computer thinking I have WAY too much time on my hands, and you're right. I think I do too. BUT, I also think these themes are a really remarkable continuity between our favorite costume drama adaptations. We always say we love the second proposals, but can we say why? Yes we love them on screen for the same reasons we love them in print, but we shouldn't downplay the power of the cinematic set-up. Clearly, its a formula that works well, even with all the unique variations, because if we find it in our classic three favorites, I'm sure its in many more adaptations as well.

Hooked by the Nook?

Dear readers, I have now had my Nook near 6 months and boy do I have a lot to say about it. There isn't a week that goes by where don't I hear, read, or see someone thinking about or getting a Nook. Now, I'm all for new gadget purchases, but I think I fell into the average Nook user category and would urge anyone thinking about a $250 dish-out to consider a few things first.

Before getting the Nook Color for Christmas last year, I thought  long and hard about it. I'm the kind of girl who ADORES her books, literally...I adore them. A discarded book at a library, I'm the girl who takes it home and keeps it. So, I had to really think how e-books would fit into my world. Ultimately, I reasoned that I would be buying different types of books on the nook. And that once I got used to buying them in e-form, I wouldn't fret so much about not having the actual book. Plus, ebooks are generally cheaper. In the end, getting a Nook Color wasn't my decision: my family got it for me and my fantastic brother made sure I got the best one in the store.

A Nook isn't like an ipod (technical usability and support)
With an I pod, you get super simple instructions: download itunes, load your music, plug in your ipod, and go. The beauty of ipods is they're idiot friendly. The Nook? I felt SUPER stupid. Its instructions tell you to turn it on and follow the pop up screens. Before you do anything you have to hook it up to the internet. So God help you if you don't have wireless. Then, make sure you have a Barnes and Noble account already set up, because you have to have one before you buy your first book. Then, there's the whole buying a book thing. The shop and shopping online are two different options, and if your internet connection is slow, it can take up to 4 days for the purchase to show up. Yeah, that whole instant reader thing? Non-existent at times.

Let's not even talk about how long it took me to figure out CONNECTING it to my computer. The instructions included with the Nook don't even cover it and it took me a week searching online to find out how to actually achieve a connection. BTW: you plug your Nook into its cord, plug the cord into the computer and "unlock" (slide the lock button over on the screen like you're unlocking it) your nook while its on. This will connect it to your computer.

The finger response is good, but if you normally have cold hands, you're going to struggle. Same goes for people with large fingers.

Are you a book reader? Really? (frequency of use and ways to use your Nook)
To be honest, what I do least on my Nook is read. I actually use it more as a hand-held internet device than anything. Which really is such a waste of the nook. I realized soon after getting the Nook that reading from PDF or downloading off Project Gutenberg is not all its cracked up to be. With all the app improvements and all the android integration, you would think B&N could spend a little time fixing up reading support. Just a little. Please?  

As mobile internet, it works well. And as e-reader its not half bad. When I do read on it, its wonderful. My lack of use comes more from the price of e-books and my absolute refusal to spend over $8.00 on anything in e-format. I guess I still haven't reasoned myself out of physical books vs. e-books yet.

And where do you store yours (you Nook in your life)
Be careful! Don't leave your Nook in a hot or cold car. Definitely buy it a cover (... ...for 40+ dollars) and remember that not all places have free wireless internet. I constantly remind myself my e-reader is for reading and I do place it around books. This is the paramount thing to remember when buying a Nook. Remember that you've bought it for reading, and don't focus so much on the new gadgets for it, or outside things it can do. Remember you didn't buy a Nook Color because you wanted a cheaper ipad. If you did it for that, you'll be underwhelmed. If you bought the nook to be your million in one book, you might still have a chance dear reader.

Overall, I would never get rid of my Nook. And if I did have more expendable income for books, I think I would utilize it as an e-reader much more often. This blog post ended up a little bit more of a bitch session than I thought it would, but I've told you the worst. I do think my major issue lays in functionality. Remember, I'm the average book reader. If I can't find it in 5 minutes, or the download isn't quick, you've lost me. My problem lies in connecting to the books I want to read and how they've become second to internet ability and apps, not the books themselves. Now, if you still want a Nook -- that means you have it bad, and probably should already have one.  

Explanation Tumblr - take 2

Well dear reader, it really is just my luck that the day after I try to post a helpful blog entry, tumblr changes the whole dang site on me. Thus, I'm attempting to bring you explanation tumblr a second time, and maybe -- this time-- it will last a little longer than 24 hours.

I would first, read Explanation Tumblr take 1. I'm going to be doing a little bit more compare and contrast here. So, to get the basic terms and all, I would check out that first entry. Posting is still the same; so is reblogging and liking. At least the basics are consistent right?

The biggest, and in fact most visible change to tumblr, is the new dashboard. The appearance is much more clean with larger negative space in relation to type and images. Something I was able to capture today that I didn't in the last entry is the red think box. (The little red box above "dashboard".) This box will have a number and that number is the amount of photos/quotes/text posted since you last refreshed your dash. Short version: You see that little red number, click on your dash, and you'll see new posts from the blogs you follow. Now lets do a dashboard side-by-side comparison:

Alright! So, if we compare, you can see the sidebar has the greatest changes. The new sidebar on the main dashboard screen now just has a link to the peeps you follow and the posts you've liked. To get to your own lists of posts/reblogs/likes, your messages, and queue you now need to click on your blog's name up at the top near "dashboard".

As you can see I have 2 blogs. A lovely girl, which is my personal tumblr, and anything period, better known as fuckyeahcostumedrama. For this howto, so that I can show you what other people reblogging and liking your posts looks like, I'm going to click on anything period.

And now we can see all our old sidebar information! To your left, you see that your posts with the amount is right on top (well after open your layout, customize, and settings, but its up there!) followed by those following your blog, members-if you have a 2nd blog after your main one, messages, drafts, and queue. Not too different after all, is it?

Really, what the new tumblr dash is doing, is highlighting features that were already in place, but under-used. With more and more people joing tumblr every day, I think the website team is focusing more on friendly usability and streamlining features. Hopefully, we'll see a lot less error messages now.

What is great about this second blog post, is I get to highlight how others liking/reblogging/friending your posts/reblogs look. Actually, it will look like the list highlighted in the above screencap. FYCD is kind of a special example. Because I only post 1-2 photos day, and it has lots of members, it looks slightly different than your average dash. Normally, you're posts will be mixed in with the likes/reblogs like this:

No, the previous screencap did not have to be that large, but your welcome for the surprise Fassy on this entry ;D. As you can see, the fantastic steerpike liked a photo I posted in between the time I reblogged iamonlyamaid and bohemea. It all falls together seamlessly once you see it in action, I promise. 

Hopefully, this adds to the helpfulness of explanation tumblr part 1. Please let me know if you have any questions!

The Borgias Season Sum-Up (Part 4)

Episode 5: Borgias in Love

Episode five opens with Rodrigo having nightmares about his dear Lucreiza dead and unforgiving. One of Rodrigo’s most redeeming qualities in the show is his continual questioning of his own actions. Subconsciously, he is always weighing and balancing his soul against the actions he is taking. It still doesn’t stop him from planning another marriage—for either Juan or Gioffre.

Now that Lucrezia is gone, Cesare focuses all his attention on liberating Ursula from her controlling husband. He hunts Ursula quietly, slowly, wearing down her reserve against him.# Promising her he will not get into harm’s way, Cesare enlists Micheletto’s help to sharpen his fighting technique. It pays off; at the end of the episode Cesare kills Ursula’s husband.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo also has Cesare follow della Rovere’s lead: sending him to Florence to talk with the de Medici and Niccolò Machiavelli about their allegiance with Rome.^ They say what most have said: do what you want, make the plans you want, but if France wants Naples, you’re on your own.

Lucrezia, in her new household in Pesaro, finds marriage not wonderful at all. Her husband’s a bear who hates her and her nights are a waking nightmare. Her only comfort is her new maid and the stable boy Paolo. Lucrezia seduces the poor boy, who seems completely out of his depth, eventually getting him to sabotage Giovanni’s saddle, making him fall and break his leg. Lucrezia’s plan for her husband is to “tame him” with this broken leg, bringing her to greater freedom in her new household.

#Somehow this girl missed the memo on Cesare Borgia: ladies man, mans man, man about town…she actually thinks she’s safe around him and that he won’t act on his feelings for her. This can only end badly.
^History girl gush moment: NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI WAS SO COOL! The talk between Cesare and Niccolo: it’s like watching history in the making that never happened. OMG.

Ruche Love

The summer Ruche lookbook upon us, and I am completely in love. Its reminiscent of The Notebook and has a lovely vintage feel that's going to make you want to run to the river and jump into love. I'm not so much the girl who comments on the clothes, but I am a girl who oogles over pictures of them.

I'm the biggest fan of lacy vintage and neutral tones. These two sets, highlight classy little dresses with just the right amount of lace and in perfect colors. The beautiful hair and red lips make the whole outfit pop.

If this doesn't scream Notebook I don't know what does.

This is my favorite photo from the whole lookbook, no question. Hence, it is now my twitter image and tumblr avatar.

This bathing suit (and hat!) is my favorite outfit in the entire lookbook. I adore the cut, color, and pattern of the bathing suit and think it would class up any day at the beach!

Explanation Tumblr

A way to a girl's heart is through, well...its complicated. But for this girl, its definately through beautiful photos. So when I stumbled on Tumblr, a micro-blogger as powerful as they come, about a year ago I was instantly in love. So I thought, what better than a blog post explaining one of my favorites and what its used for?! I'll even hit my 3 favorite features at the end.

What is tumblr?
Tumblr is a "mirco blogger". This means most tumblr posts are under 300 words or 1 photo. Unlike other blogging platforms *cough cough* tumblr allows you to post a wide range of media quickly and easily.

The interface (or dashboard) of tumblr is what most users will interact with on a daily basis. For example, there was a 4 month period I didn't even know what my personal blog layout was because I didn't ever look at it. The main dashboard is where all your photos show up and the photos of other people you follow as well. Its also super easy to see how many people you follow (highlighted in green), photos you've liked, photos/posts you reblog (number of posts), people following you, and how many posts you have in your queue.

It might sound like a lot now, but really, its a VERY user friendly site. Now a layout, layouts look more like this:

As you can see, there is a huge difference between the dashboard and your actual layout. Now, for me, I use tumblr more like a social page, rebloging my favorite photos, or posts, and not at all like a traditional blog. That's what Rusty is here, so I'm more interactive with the dashboard. If you wanted to use tumblr to make your blog, however, it is possible and there are tons of blogger-friendly layouts you can utilize.

For easy use purposes I'm highlighting how to post a photo. First, have a photo you would like to post. Then, click on the Photo button on the top dash. It will bring you to this page below: 

Click Browse to upload the photo from your computer. Of course you can add a caption and links to websites or sources if you'd like to. And then there's tags. Tags are one of my favorite things on tumblr. Of course, you can do what I do on fycd: if the photo is of Persuasion, the tag is #persuasion. Or you can do what people call "the hipster" tags like: #OMG I'd marry him or #I can't breathe looking at that hotness or #I will live there some day. You can use as many tags as you want, but if people reblog you, your tags do not follow your photo.

Reposting is a little different. This is when you find a post on tumblr you really love and want to post on your own blog. You start by clicking the reblog link:

You will then be taken to a page that looks just like the post a photo page. Add your own caption and tags and post! And its that easy for anything you'd wish to post.

The Queue
The Queue is another one of my absolutely favorite things. When you post a photo, you can select if you want to post it now or add it to the queue. For fycd, I use the queue religiously.  

The queue automatically posts for you as many times during the day as you'd like. For a blog like fycd, which is centered around daily posts about costume drama, the queue offers the freedom and flexibility to run a photo-centered blog. As you can see, I publish 1 post a day between 7am and 8am. And I have 13 posts yet to publish.  

I realized this is not the concise all about Tumblr; I think of it more like a highlight reel, but hopefully, it proves a useful get to know you about my favorite blogging site. Twitter's wonderful, Blogger's been invaluable, but Tumblr...tumblr's my guilty pleasure. I hope you've enjoyed!

EDIT * As of 6-8-2011 Tumblr has updated their site design. Good timing on my part, I know. New blog post, maybe? Follow to Explanation Tumblr -- take 2 to see how the new layout works.

Borgias Season Sum-up (part 3)

Episode 4: Lucreiza’s Wedding

Rodrigo has made a decision, Lucrezia must marry. And if he has to shell out a huge dowry, he’s going to get a lucrative alliance in exchange. And so, he decides on a lucrative alliance with Giovanni Sforza, the cousin of Ludovico, Rodrigo’s vice chancellor. Giovanni has the money and strategic land holdings in Italy that Rodrigo hopes will prove useful in a coming war with France.

Della Rovere continues his mission to bring down the Borgias, making his rounds throughout Italy’s wealthy nobility: pushing his case. Most notably he goes to Naples, with its creep-tastic family.# Micheletto sends a spy to follow della Rovere and, no surprise, the spy fails (epically...with a knife through the eyes).

As the wedding fast approaches, Vannozza (Cesare and Lucreiza’s mother) is banned from the festivities, due to her scandalous past.* Meanwhile, Giulia is invited to everything. Cesare, in his new Cardinal’s robes, officiates the marriage and could not be more unhappy about it. Even though his mother was not allowed at the ceremony, Cesare runs home before the reception and brings Vannozza as his guest.

Juan produces a hugely lavish and inappropriate play in honor of his sister’s wedding, there’s a lot of drinking and dancing, and Cesare meets Ursula Bonadeo -- who will be his main love interest for this season (no, we aren’t counting Lucreiza in the love interest category. She’s a given). They have a longing-filled, soul-tortured dance, where at the end Ursula begs him to “liberate me” and then her husband shows up to take her home.

The night ends with Cesare—not Giovanni—taking Lucreiza to bed, she’s 13: she should be exhausted, and he wishes the best for her in this new marriage.

We soon realize, once Giovanni’s taken her home to Pesaro, how hopeless those wishes were. Giovanni calls their wedding shameless, professes his hate for the Borgia tainted blood, and proves extremely ungallant for his new wife.^

#And I’m talking UBBER creepy. This guy stuffs his dead enemies and sets them up like the last supper. His son’s voice: is like nails on a chalkboard, he has a ho for a bastard daughter, and on the whole: they’re nasty, nasty human begins. The duke of Milan is bad, but nothing compared to Naples.
*Scandal is putting it lightly. She’s known as the great whore of Spain. You would think Rodrigo actually stole her from a king or something. Alas no, she’s just a woman already married.
^And yet no dinner knife deaths ensues.

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Make Up or Clean Up

That's it, I'm doing it. I'm pulling out my entire make up hot mess and cleaning it out. I'm tossing the old or disgusting stuff, and I'm keep things I might actually use. You see dear reader, I don't wear make up very often. In fact, its not an every day occurrence for me at all. And even if I do wear make up, I don't wear foundation; but I love color, and getting rid of colors is very hard for me. So this is going to be an adventure. Are you ready?! ((I'm not))

First things first: I've pulled all my make up from by bathroom and piled it into my wicker basket. My most used make up goes into a pretty little blush, glass candle holder. Dad wasn't so excited I took it for make up, but its lovely and work perfectly. So he has to deal.

As you can tell, I have lots of doubles of some things and a few items that were never opened. There was a time that I went through a huge eye shadow phase...and I didn't even wear it that much...

Now since I can't see anything in my basket (really, there was SO much more in there than I thought there was!) I pulled everything out. Yeah...I think I really needed to do this. I did move all cleaners or lotions or nail polishes out of the way. I'm dealing with make up and only make up this time.

After seeing it all tossed about on my little table, I couldn't deal with it any more. I started pitching the old eye shadows, my mascaras I know are older than a year, and any foundations that aren't my skin tone or won't be during summer. And it already looked so much better. I then got crazy organized and put like items together. And doesn't it look amazing!? As you can tell, I have a theme with colors. I go for pinks and plums, golds and smoky blacks and browns. You'd think with those colors I'd like to wear them more! My worst but favorite purchase? TWILIGHT LIP VENOM. Oh-em-gee is that stuff awful AND it stains your lips for days, but I love it. I love how horrible it is. I've never worn it out and probably never will, but I'll save it for Halloween!

The last step was to move my newly organized make up to my vanity. I did basically stick with my same group of choices from before, but now when I put the rest away I am still able to see exactly what I have. Now they look pretty and organized and now I really hope that tomorrow morning, I'll totally be wearing a little make up.