& the slipper still fits

Modern Jane Austen-equse movies mock-ups

In celebration of #REbe this Friday, I thought it would be really fun to write my own Jane Austen inspired movie concepts. I don't think there is any reason to say much more, but just get to it.

Manor, Corrupt
Starring: Jon Hamm, Amanda Seyfried, Tina Fey, Naomi Watts, Stellan Skarsgard
Song: "Judas" - Lady Gaga

Interpol agent Henry Crawford (Jon Hamm) and his partner Mary (Tina Fey) have a new mission: infiltrate the Caribbean operations of Bertram industries, befriend its founder Tom Bertram (Stellan Skarsgard) and discover if they are really selling West Indian Sugar or lump cocaine. Henry’s top secret contact, Tom’s eldest daughter, Maria (Amanda Seyfried) desperately wants out of her father’s family business, and her engagement to one of her father’s associates. Soon Henry finds he needs Maria more than she needs him. And his whole cover could be blown by one foolish mistake. Will he come out alive with the information to take down the Bertrams? or will he pay the ultimate price?

So Well
Starring: Emma Stone, Alex Pettyfer, Diane Kruger
Song: "Waking Up" - One Republic

Georgie Darcy (Emma Stone) has no life. She sits in her college dorm and studies constantly; that is, she does until Caroline Bingley (Diane Kruger) invites herself for a vacation. Determined to find a man, Caroline treks Georgie all around London with her. And while Georgie can’t stand the uptight society of upper class London, she does love watching Denny Williams (Alex Pettyfer) sell produce at the local farmer’s market. When Georgie bumps into him at a midnight ball, she realizes getting your heart broken once, doesn’t mean it will happen again.