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i made this - empowerment project

Lately at work I've been a part of some pretty awesome projects, and, luckily, I get to share this one with you. The Empowerment Project is a documentary about ordinary women doing extraordinary things. The film was shown on campus and to promote it, I got to make some fun internal advertising.

2 north & south wallpapers

As promised last week, here are two wallpapers featuring the Marlborough Mills logos. Click on the image to download the full-size version. Enjoy!

marlborough mills

It's been gloomy around Lancaster lately, with all the snow and grey skies. And often the weather outside reminds me of Gaskell's North & South. So with a few extra hours at my disposal - thank you Jack Frost for the snow - I decided to indulge a little with my favorite adaptation. As Mr. Thornton talked in my ear about cotton clothes and fair masters, I crafted some logos for our favorite mill.

For these logos I focused on the traits of Thornton - traditional, hard working, simple and clear - and researched Victoria Era type as support. Thus, the strong favoring of serifs. Thus, the decided tagline of "English-Made Cotton". In our adaptation, Thornton doesn't use words like "fine" or "regal" to talk about his cotton; it is good, and good is the appropriate word to him. "Good Cotton" wouldn't sell, but English-made would. Let's just say Mr. Bell had his say.

Wallpapers to come next week.

March Special - Soft Flashes

1 file with 20 layers (4 color options) at 2500x1100

Sometimes - often - its all about the color. Glowlight brings together some of my favorite colors on filter in one easy PSD just for you. Use these with layer filters like soft light and screen to achieve that intsagram look quickly and easily. High-res and large enough for your camera-resolution photos, this is meant to be a shortcut for your busy schedule.

Free download no longer available. That's what makes these monthly specials.