& the slipper still fits

marlborough mills

It's been gloomy around Lancaster lately, with all the snow and grey skies. And often the weather outside reminds me of Gaskell's North & South. So with a few extra hours at my disposal - thank you Jack Frost for the snow - I decided to indulge a little with my favorite adaptation. As Mr. Thornton talked in my ear about cotton clothes and fair masters, I crafted some logos for our favorite mill.

For these logos I focused on the traits of Thornton - traditional, hard working, simple and clear - and researched Victoria Era type as support. Thus, the strong favoring of serifs. Thus, the decided tagline of "English-Made Cotton". In our adaptation, Thornton doesn't use words like "fine" or "regal" to talk about his cotton; it is good, and good is the appropriate word to him. "Good Cotton" wouldn't sell, but English-made would. Let's just say Mr. Bell had his say.

Wallpapers to come next week.