& the slipper still fits


So dear reader, I've been scavenging around for new fall fashions and music for the last 2 weeks and keep coming across this commercial:

Can it be? They are actually making a modern Peter Pan story?! Now, I'm a sucker for modern classics retold, Peter Pan being one of my tops, but I remember how horribly the Tarzan retelling went on the WB and am not necessarily hopeful. That show had a former Calvin Klein model and well-known stars filling its cast--and that didn't even save it for 1 season.

Wendy has been created by the same people who bring us The Vampire Diaries (a plus) and features relative new comers Meaghan Martin and Tyler Blackburn (which is refreshing). Now I haven't seen Pretty Little Liars...but if you're pimping your new Peter to be the next Ben Barnes, I hope he can back it up. Blackburn can, however, sing. Hence how I found out about this new webseries.

The song, I love. I've already listened to it ... a lot. And its not fair they have this great song that gets stuck in your head with semi-referential lyrics to Peter Pan. Darn you mad men! Needless to say, I'm just a little hooked to the song.

The whole plot has been kept pretty tightly under wraps. We know Wendy has a boyfriend and is forced to choose between "the boy of her dreams and her real boy"... and that's about it. This new venture (okay, for me a new venture) into webseries world comes with me being very confused, but I'm optimistic that the show might actually have something to it. And if it doesn't, its about Peter Pan: I'll be watching anyway.

What has me so cautious about Wendy is its clear marketing connection. The producers of the show are Marcy's and Alloy: two large corporations ready and willing to strike at the teen market in fresh ways. You can already purchase any of the clothing featured on the show at Macy, and this blogger wonders where subtly went. Is Wendy just a shot in the dark at selling clothes and capitalizing on the fan base of the Vampire Diaries? Or do they believe "hot" boys sell girl's clothes now?

These are the sad, cynical questions a no-longer teen asks. And maybe I'm looking too hard into this. When new shows come on, I tend to be really stand-offish to them, because if I do like them from the start, it is sure to be the death of it. (Don't snicker dear reader! This is my version of baseball curses.) Shows that I start loving from the beginning either tank 2 seasons in or get canceled after 3 episodes.

Still, I'll be good and be hopeful for Wendy.
The series airs September 15th online. To find out more visit the Wendy facebook page. And you can download the new song too, which was really what I just spent 20 minutes figuring out how to get.