& the slipper still fits

Are we really only 17 days into 2012?

Dear reader, we are over halfway through winter and the East coast has yet to snow me in. I know writing this is temping fate, but I'm already tempting fate with my listless attitude for the last few weeks, so what harm can this do? I refocus - its the middle of winter and yet no snow (go California weather!), but we're still 63 (good lord why?!) days away from spring.

What's a girl to do, dear reader? I can't plan for summer and then have a foot of snow hit - that could break my hopeful summer spirit; and I'm NOT a winter planner for anything. So, in search of this answer, I've been racking my brain for the last 2 days. And all I've got so far is nothing. I don't want to start a project, every sentence I write for the novel isn't working, my hair still isn't long enough for a fishtail braid no matter how many times I try, and the golden globes were a fashion and entertainment bust this year. So what did I do? I popped in Jane Eyre 2006 and pulled out my copy of Persuasion.

Enter the blank-staring Heather at the TV screen only half watching. Yep. This listlessness might just be that bad that Jane Eyre can't cure it. I think I might need a stint in the time out corner for my attitude. I think I might need a tub of ice cream. I think maybe I should just go to bed and wake up on a different side.

Whatever ends up happening,  I thought I'd share -- you know, since we're good friends and all. And I thought you might like a few complimentary photos of Toby Stephens to start your short week. Just because I'm the victim of a bad attitude doesn't mean everyone has to suffer. :)