& the slipper still fits

Good life choices come in threes

Hello dear reader - missed me much? I've missed you. I have to admit the last few months for me have been challenging, overwhelming and, well, a little strange. My literary drive seemed to dwindle slightly at the end of March as work began to run my life. Without going into too much detail, because what this post really is about, isn't my inability to compartmentalize, last week I made a huge work-life change that came with it a fair amount of bolstered confidence and vindication. That, is good life choice number one. The other two are much more characteristically me.

Yesterday The Hunger Games made it to to cinema 2.5K - my code for the cheep seat theater one town over. I went, I saw, I basked in the over 2 hour movie and am happy I only paid $2.50 to see it. Good life choice number two. 

The third life choice began as more of a tumblr mystery. A few of the people I follow adore Sebastian Stan (Mad Hatter in Once Upon a Time and serious bad guy in a dozen other movies). And why wouldn't they? He's fantastic as the Mad Hatter Jefferson and has a stunning ability to call tears to his eyes at the drop of a hat. Plus, he's got something going for him with that ominous angsty attitude. These tumblr peeps started posting about a little show called Kings he was in. The caps and gifs looked amazing and I was certainly interested, BUT, with no funds and a somewhat selfish part of me refusing to trade in seasons 1 and 2 of Fringe to make a trade, I wasn't sure where I was going to watch it. 

About a week ago, I remembered the glory that is free Hulu. And to my wonder, Kings was totally on the list - the whole season.

Do you ever remember seeing bits a pieces of scenes, but you're not sure if you could place them? I swear my parents must have watched Kings and I walked through during the episodes when they first aired, because there a definite moments I remember.

Kings is a modern/alternate reality retelling of the Biblical story of David. And just like in the Bible, David slays Goliath and is thrust into the spotlight as a national hero in the middle of war. The characters are refreshingly human and the military drama aspect of the show is handled as a complimentary piece of the puzzle, not the whole puzzle itself.

While I started watching just to have more mad hatter in my life (why did Once Upon a Time have to have their finale a month ago?! I'll admit it! I'm weak! don't ask how many times I've watched Thor to see a goofy Charming...), I continued watching for the brilliant acting. Christopher Egan (of Letters to Juliette and Eragon fame) plays David Shepard and you can't help but love him. And Ian McShane as King Silas is unquestionably brilliant. There are clear moments where you loath almost every character and then they show up minutes later and either redeem themselves or unravel a deeper emotional scar that makes you hope to comfort them. 

Part of me can't decide if Kings was just a few years too early for our social climate, or if  NBC didn't give it a good enough chance to succeed. Luckily, we're able to watch it on Hulu. At least for now. And wonder what subsequent seasons would have brought. 

I'm just starting episode 7 and I'm already having end of the series anxiety.