& the slipper still fits

Peter & Wendy

With the Lizzie Bennet Diaries long since complete, and the Autobiography of Jane Eyre wrapping up, my summer days have been filled hunting the internet for a new, lovable web series I can pour myself into. And you know what, it is seriously not easy to find a quality web series these days.

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy is not the first I've found, but certainly the one I'm most excited about. It's like that shinny penny you discover under you bed - the one that reminds you of all the other money you've hidden away.

Okay, fine. Bad metaphor, but Peter and Wendy reminds me of the LBD in the best way possible. Its funny and sweet, and the production values are fantastic. And - well you watch the trailer and tell me you're not hooked already.