& the slipper still fits

an early gift

I've been playing with a whole bunch of new colors and color mixes as I plan for 2015 and a year full of goodies ahead. And as I do, I've come across some awesome holiday colors, as you see above. While I know we're a week out from Christmas, I couldn't help but share this early little present.

Save the above image to your desktop and open the file in photoshop; feel free to use the dropper tool to select the color for your purposes. Just want the hex codes for your blog? See the table below. Colors go in order from left of the HM ribbon clockwise.

Evergreen #9dac4f  |  Pine #737b43  |  Present #4cb7b5  |  Hazelnut Cream #c3b59b  |  Midnight Clear #137db7  |  Mistletoe #aed967  |  Hazelnut Cream Repeat  |  Holly #d6291f  |  Ribbon #dc4a3b  |  Star #fcbo40  |  Hazelnut Cream Repeat  |  Blushed Cheeks #f64531  |  Evergreen Repeat