& the slipper still fits


Alex Pettyfer approached to play Jace Wayland in Mortal Instruments And this is where Heather had a slight reversion to a 10 year old girl last night. It's not official yet, but about as close to it as movie-magically possible. In case this seems totally out of the blue, here's the KMC where I talk about Clary casting.

First look trailers appearing for Starz Camelot. Jamie Campbell Bower sums up with 1 word: 'fleshy'

Syfy’s remake of ‘Being Human’ can’t match up to BBC hit Let me try to 'esplain. Because I did watch the first episode. There was nothing else on, dear reader. I know, you have lost some serious faith in me. Apart from the fact Syfy should have just bought the BBC version lock, stock, and barrel and reaired it (a-la Merlin and its amazingness, to CBS' credit)...well, what else can I say? Its basically the same dialogue and story word-for-word from the BBC version. (Which does air on BBCamerica, just FYI.) Key differences: They renamed the WHOLE cast and (in complete contrast to the BBC version) cast a Edward look-a-like for its vampire lead. Annie is now named Sally, and Meaghan Roth is absolutely no Lenora Crichlow; George is now Josh; and ...wait for it...Mitchell is now Aiden. Did you have a WTF moment too?! I did! My review, don't bore yourself with this remake, it will just flop in comparison with the original.

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Premieres A must read if you were a fan of season one. Considering what's happened with production, it wasn't a bad premiere. One should not call it a season, I think; its more like a 6 episode mini arc. Think Dr.Who Christmas Special in between the regular season. I also think Showtime should have been more open about what this "season" was going to be about. People would have been on board more if it was, say, tag lined: how Crixus rose to be champion. The comparison between his outsider rise and Spartacus' should be interesting to watch.  Showtime really is lucky the acting of their mostly male cast is so good, or else...you know...

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1788 George Gordon, Lord Byron, is born.

First look at Blackbread in new PotC