& the slipper still fits


Well, dear reader, today is actually a snow day for me. All that nasty winter weather they said hit the North East? Well, I'm mid-east, just above and to the right of DC, and we got hammered. Needless to say, it took us a good 5 hours to plow ourselves out. Hey, with 9+ inches and a VERY long driveway, it takes that long; and with all that winter sun and exercise I feel wonderful and tired. Its such a nice feeling to have.
Now that the sun is going down, and the heating blankets are on, I feel like I should share what I did on my snow day. First, we of course, plowed and shoveled like we've only done a handful of times before. And we complained like we ALWAYS do, even with a half inch. 

Then, I finished my fall quilt. I know, its way after fall, but quilting takes a long time! My mom is one of those women who is a master at those fine craft arts: croquet, sewing, quilting -- she has magic hands. We've done many quilts together, but this one was the first I did all on my own. I wanted reds and oranges, lots of print, and for it to really feel like fall when you looked at the completed quilt. (I still think the back looks like pumpkin pie too!) The entire blanket is hand-quilted by momma-dear and I, and I have the needle pricks to prove it.  The solid squares have maple and oak leaves with acorns, as do the corners where the rope meets up. It's a thinner quilt, but still amazingly warm.

Now, if chilly, winter, craft projects are not your cup of tea. There is always my last post, which was the January Brush Set. And don't worry, no actors or themes are really featured in this one.

What else will I be doing? I plan to snuggle up with the computer and start typing out the six pages of story I wrote a few days ago. Hopefully, I'll find another sentence to share with you soon. But, oh dear, Tristan and Isolde is on and I just saw Henry Cavill step on screen. All motivation is lost. CRAP.