& the slipper still fits

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I couldn't take it anymore, dear reader. I've been feeling listless, down, and little under the summer weather these last few weeks and I think I've pinpointed my disenchantment -- it was in my strange and not so blond, blond hair color. And even though I've love being the cool shade of sunshine in the past, I needed a change back to the classic looking me with some updated brown locks. Granted, brown hair color washes out surprisingly easily, but I'm prepared, and I thought that the darker color, even for only a few weeks, was worth the risk.

Now I dye my hair at home. For a while I spent $85 on getting it professionally colored, but I can't tell you how many times I've walked out of the hair salon looking like I have 2 months of root grow. Actually I can, two times too many. And so I've given up, given in, trusted in my dear old mom: and am doing it on my own again. Much less stress and much less hassle -- let me tell you.

I picked two pictures where I'm smiling, because what's the point of a good before and after picture unless there's only ONE variable. I seriously can't stand the depressed/angry/mopey/no make up faced before photos than change to happy/professionally-styled after photos.

Have you made a summer change this season? A few? I'd love to hear them! I could sure use some ideas!