& the slipper still fits

Downton Abbey - back in force

It's official! We officially have an air date for the next season (or 2nd series) of Downton Abbey. In the UK it will begin airing on Sept 18th, 2011 with a 2 hour Christmas Special. US watchers, our starts Jan. 8th, 2012 with no hope of getting the Christmas special.

Series 2 picks up two years after Series 1 and will focus on the years between 1916 and 1918. There are rumors that Matthew will have a new love interest and Mary will also be courted by a wealthy older man. What is completely clear though, is the obvious focus on war and its consequences. Both Robert and Matthew have joined in the army and will no doubt be taken faraway from Downton.

What will be most exciting is to reconnect with all the characters. Two years away from the household at Downton can bring many changes. I think most of us expected the series to pick up right where it left of, but the change will be good for us -- the story lines will be fresh and there will be a sense of mystery and tension behind some of the characters and relationships we had the most questions about. Personally, if Anna and Bates don't do something this season, I might be driven to throw the remote at the TV.

Read more behind the scenes here. And see the Series two trailer here.