& the slipper still fits

A Thank You on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year seemed to creep up on me. And so all my thoughts on thankfulness have been condensed into the last 3 days. What have I been thankful for this year? Did I even want to think about all the changes that have happened in the last 12 months? Then I lifted my head and saw it. My New Year's resolutions. They've been posted all year by my desk -- just sitting there, challenging me. And as I looked at them, I realized I've accomplished more than I thought, but only thanks to some very special family and friends. And so, this year, I'm saying a

Resolution 1 - Be More Daring
Since last November 24, I feel like I've grown into myself. You know, its that gradual acceptance that its okay to have your own ideas and voice them; its okay to have thicker skin; its okay to impulsively (sometimes) say yes and just leap out of my comfort zone. I completely credit -- or blame -- my wonderful job and the many hats I am fortunate enough to wear during it. Thank you to my work family who, not only opened their offices, but their hearts and wisdom to me and give me the trust and freedom to grow. 

Resolution 2 - Realize I am beautiful 
I think, dear reader, all women struggle with positive self image -- and for a while, I was okay with being "kinda pretty". I never thought it could get better, and thank goodness it wasn't worse, so I just went through my everyday not thinking about striking beauty. 

In the last year though, with the unparalleled and gracious blog posts and comments from women like Ankia, Casee, Bere, and Lala, and the twitter rewatch crew (@darbydashwood @So_Meow @joybtx @ladyrelaynie @aramblingfancy) I've realized I'm not just average -- and no one is. Their confidence has continually boasted my own and their bright and warm  cheerfulness is infectious. Thank you dear bloggers and online friends. You've changed not only my outlook on life, but myself as well. 

Resolution 3 - Accept things I cannot change
Post graduation has really been a test of this resolution. There have been so many things in the last year that I haven't been able to control, that I've taken to heart the things I can. My identity, my truth, my relationships, my actions, my creativity and determination: I've realized that things happen to me not as much because of me, but because others have to live their lives as well, and if I keep to myself and be the best me, good things will always happen. 

I've an unnerving worry about the unknown. And this last year of life lessons has proved that true usefulness of "you can't plan for everything". Thank you to every oops, little change up, and unexpected surprise that has happened throughout the year to loosen me up.  

Resolution 4 - Remember to Dream Big
Dreaming over these last few years has certainly changed, at least what I dream about. It's not that I've "grown up" or that reality has somehow crushed my imagination, but I've realized that my dreams themselves have changed and they're just as big as before -- if not different. Because, you know that dream of having that book of mine completed and out for options is a huge dream...its just not being a huge movie star. Thank you to that family of mine, who let me be silly and rant and rave and dream, even when they don't get it at all. 

Have a very happy Thanksgiving all! Have a wonderful day!