& the slipper still fits

Visions of Winter

If you've been with me for a while, dear reader, you know the thought of snow give me the largest anxiety attack known to man. I just can't shake that California clear skies, 65 degree winter out of my system. And with the threat of it from now until May 2012, I sometimes have a serious anti-holiday spirit.

But this year, I will not let it ruin me! No! I'm going to try and be as holly jolly as possible this year (although all in good time: How the Grinch Stole Christmas was on yesterday and I viciously changed the channel). And in gearing up for the holidays, I started on my "vision board" yesterday. 

The the mail, I had received some particularly lovely Winter/Holiday catalogs. Now, since I'm a poor college graduate and have no money, buying from these catalogs is slim to none at this point, but I can admire their beauty in a redefined way. I start by taking my favorite photos - the visions I want my holidays to hold- and cut them up/out/around. And then I just start putting them back together again. 

I love making collages, so this is really right down my alley. The best part, though, is the excitement making the board brings of me. I started to remember my favorite parts of winter and why in the past there was just tangible holiday magic. I felt for just a few moments, what its like when I just start setting up the Christmas tree. 
I know, we haven't even made it to Thanksgiving yet here in the states and its too early to be thinking of December 25th. I'm trying to temper the Christmas enthusiasm until the Thanksgiving fervor is complete, but I thought I little preview couldn't hurt.