& the slipper still fits

Caption Contest Winners!

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Photo 1: I'm surrounded by idiots.

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Photo 4: Lucrezia insists Cesare would never run an army like this and is utterly perplexed as to why they are not trained in the finer points of torture.

Photo 5: This is THE BEST outfit I could ever hope for. I'm going to wear this in all my movies. I will have more acting roles, right?

Photo 4: "Willoughby, will you not shake my hand...whoops, wrong century!"

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Photo 3: You remind me of my brother.

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Photo 5: Does this outfit make my butt look big? Be honest.

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Photo 3: Congratulations. You're not the father.

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Photo 2: Della Rovere: "Tell me, why do you have the words 'Chest Array' tattooed on your back?" Micheletto: "I knew I didn't spell it right..."

Rusty's personal fav - Photo 4: "Explain to me again, please...why exactly can't the women run things now?"

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Photo 1: No, I said we are going at twilight not TO "Twilight."

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Photo 4: These were the extras for 300?

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