& the slipper still fits

Color Themes based on The Borgias Season 1 photos

One of my favorite parts of The Borgias is all the vibrant and beautiful costumes featured throughout the season. Which got me to thinking, why am I not using those colors more? Jump to a few hours later in photoshop and LOTS of ooogling my favorite season 1 photos, you have the below. Use the colors to create fabulous looks for your blog, twitter, etc. layouts!

Hex color codes: 6c202c // b19d89 // b8bbc3 // 819245

Hex color codes: cfb3a8 // dddcd8 // ba7252 // 784240

 Hex color codes: d79b64 // f69b33 // b33e1d // 51140e

Hex color codes:d9b28c // glitter! // 6b2103 // 8e6c23

My twitter is rockin' some royal we-ness at the moment. Check it out to see the colors in action!

By the way, have you submitted your caption for the caption contest? You know you want that free season 1 DVD set!