& the slipper still fits


The next twitter party Spring! rewatch will feature this version of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility on APRIL 8th @ 8 pm EST. News about the hash tag and festivities will be coming soon. @CaseeMarie and I will be co-hosting.

Info info info about Jane Eyre from Reelz channel

The Critics: Jane Eyre movie review

Is Jane Eyre Playing near you?

Conan the Barbarian gets a reboot

Kevin Costner Confirmed to play daddy Kent umm...I'm judging

Aaron Johnson and Jude Law Joining Anna Karenina Apparently, Keira Knightley is already attached to this project. Any bets it will include steam punk machines? No? none...

Accessories Head to Toe: Beautiful fashions from 1760-1830

The Pheonix Requiem is now complete It's a fantastic online graphic novel. And now its all up! No waiting days for a dramatic update. Read it all in one sitting!

The awesome girl who stole the Eiffel tower featured us and our JE post!

Chance to win new YA novel 'Vispertine' over at Fantastic Book Review I just think the cover is fantastic.

Dowton Abbey comic relief style Part 1 Part 2 This just makes me miss Dawn French terribly. Good and the first part had me laughing hard, but if you've seen their Mamma Mia spoof from last year, you'll find it lacking.

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