& the slipper still fits


After the fantastic 2 hours that was #resuasion I still felt like I had my whole night left. That's one of my only dislikes about Persuasion actually, the adaptations are always so short! And so, since I did have a large chuck of my evening left, I decided to watch Never Let Me Go: a movie I'd heard fabulous things about, but never actually heard what it was about. And trust me its so much better that way.

I was going to link to the trailer, but that trailer--for lack of a more graceful excuse on my part--basically gives the whole story away. So don't watch it. Instead, just pop the DVD in the player and hit play. Do you trust me?

 Never Let Me Go is one of those movies you can't put your finger on as it starts: is it a love triangle movie? is it a coming of age movie? a dystopic thriller? For me, the best part of the movie was figuring this out, and realizing that the setting wasn't just a time and place, but a whole other character, a whole other villain you quickly come to hate.

The acting is brilliant. I've always enjoyed Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley, and Andrew Garfield: well I can now say I know why everyone is in love with him. They play their characters with such frankness and frailty that you feel their open hearts as you watch. And I won't lie, there's a good chance you'll be crying by the end of the movie.

Never Let Me Go is a film I'm so glad I found and certainly one I'd wish I'd known about sooner. It was a WWI vibe with a post-modern question, and wait until you find out the secret. It will make you watch it all over again. From one costume drama fan to another, pick this one up to watch. And from one bookie to another, let's read the book together too.