& the slipper still fits


#resuasion, or the Persuasion rewatch party that took place on twitter last week was some of the most costume drama fun I've had in a long time. @CasseMarie, @dotsara, @runawayblu and I had so much fun watching and discussing in real time, but you can read the tweets and see that. So below are my top 3 favorite moments from the rewatch.

3. Hearing that Persuasion opening music
I love the opening music to Persuasion. No matter how many times I start this movie, I still fall madly in love with it due to its music. Surprised, dear reader? I bet you thought I'd say Rupert Penry-Jones would be my sole reason for loving, didn't you? While he is a strong contender, music will always win me over no matter the acting.

2. The Louisa and Mary smackdown
There was a moment, a serious moment, where if we were on Survivor island, Mary and Louisa wouldn't have just been voted off, they would have been kicked out into shark-infested water. It was so much fun to be able to admire the actor, and at the same time be driven mad by their characters. It was definitely a lol moment. And it was refreshing to discuss this with thoughtful and opinionated watchers.

1. Discussing my favorite parts with friends who love costume drama
Its rare that I sit with anyone, let alone good online friends and get to gush and discuss my favorite costume dramas. Most of the time, getting anyone to watch a BBC adaptation with me is like pulling teeth, and so the connection twitter gave me was wonderful and exciting. Watching your favorite movies is always so much more fun when watching with others who love it just as much.