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The Borgias are back! The latest on season 2

48 days! That is all that's left till The Borgias return. And I'm reeling over the fact that there is almost NO information, photos, sneak peaks, anything out there. So, I've decided, that in an effort to help all other fans, I'm going to post all the info I can find below.

Have you seen all the trailers yet, dear reader? There's some serious plot defining and costume loveliness going on in all of them. See The Borgias season 2 trailers here, and watch my favorite below:

Are you surprised all this info was flooded on youtube and you had no idea? ME TOO. While these trailers are fantastic as showing us visually the family tensions that will fill season 2, they are nothing compared to the 2 behind the scenes videos.

Juan is striving for greater ground against his brother, and we can only assume by Oakes' and Arnaud's interviews that we're going to see much more of Machiavelli's "The Prince" going on with Cesare. Didn't we all want that? I do! Cesare is a fascinating historical figure and I can't wait for more defining moments. And, for full disclosure, I can't get enough of Francois Arnaud.

And it looks like we'll get to see Lucrezia taking her seat on the papal throne. While I'm surprised with the choice of pulling out the "big guns" so early, I'm excited to see Lucrezia take some serious control of Rome. You know, this actually happened? Rodrigo had bigger battles to rage outside of Rome and he left his daughter in charge. I'm not EVEN going to talk about the hot mess that is Rodrigo's life in season 2 - it looks more like family triage than leading millions of souls.

There aren't many. Actually, I've only seen the two below so far. But I'm hoping will all the trailers that are going to air shortly, we'll get some more stock episode photos soon. These two are already lined up in the FYCD queue, so look for them there in the coming weeks.

Get ready for season 2 with a rewatch!
You know me reader, I'm all about a good rewatch. Showtime will begin airing last season in anticipation of Season 2 over the coming month. Keep an eye out to get your costume drama fix. Or...you could always just read my episode by episode review posts here ... or the PDF.  I know, its not like watching showtime's first crime family, but at least everything's in order.

I hope this this has proven helpful Borgia fans - look out for more soon!