& the slipper still fits


It's 8:45 on a Friday morning, I don't have to be to work till 11, and I haven't done my Christmas list at all.* Well, I have a little. I'm one of the biggest forgets-everything type of people. Like yesterday, I had 3 huge postits telling me not to forget spray adhesive. Guess what I forgot? Dear reader! I knew you'd catch on quick! So of course I have a short list of things I shouldn't forget to ask for, but its tiny and, I figure, needs a great deal of expanding.


Josh Groban: Illuminations

Josh Groban is one of the few artists I still buy actual CDs for. He was my first real concert, and listening to his voice is like drinking the best type of hot chocolate with extra heavy cream. I've held off buying his new album illuminations simply because I listen to his Christmas album this whole month and I don't think I can dedicate enough Groban-loving time to 12 new songs. That all changes December 26th!

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Short of a long, drawn-out, explanation, I'll give you my reasons. 1. I've read the books and enjoyed them. 2. I haven't seen the movie yet. 3. I already have the first two, and I have this thing where I have to have whole sets of things. For example, a book series. There's a reson I don't buy in to those 32 volume fantasy fiction monsters.


Fringe Season 2

No brainer, no brainer, no brainer! I fell in love with season one about a month ago and have been itching to get my hands on season 2 since I finished the finale. Do you know how hard it is not to be spoiled about this show online!? At least most of it I don't understand yet, so it doesn't drive me nearly as crazy as it could. Needless to say, I need my Joshua Jackson and lensflare fix ASAP. And then Season 3 soon after that.

The Tudors: Seasons 1-4

The Tudor period has to be one of my absolute favorite historical eras. In fact, it would battle the Victorian Age for supremacy in my which topic will Heather get a PhD in throwdown. I'm still so upset that they didn't want to continue the Tudors without Henry VIII. I mean, you still had the most famous Tudor to go Showtime! But that's their loss. I would love to get all 4 seasons for Christmas, but with my b-day 10 days later, I'll settle for season 1 for now. Although season 4 had to be my absolute favorite.


What girl doesn't want amazing face cream?! Lancome is the stuff my mother always wishlists and I've been thoroughly hooked. It also clears up my face like no ache cream can. Maybe I'll get lucky and sneak my Sephora rebate card in my mom's purse when she goes out shopping and get free points too.

"The Dragon of Cripple Creek" by Troy Howell

Not only does this book look fantastically endearing, but I can do 3 degrees of separation with the author! Troy Howell is the infamous illustrator uncle to my best friend since kindergarten. He's an award-winning and beautiful illustrator and this book sounds like a sure-fire adventure. I think Jane Yoeln's endorsement says it all:

I hate it when really wonderful illustrators turn out to be even more wonderful at writing novels. Somehow it’s not fair. Yet how could I hate Troy Howell whose sassy, self-aware (and hurting) heroine Kit has one of the freshest voices in children’s novels today. Whose dragon Ye has a marvelous world-weary insouciance. Whose landscapes and cave-scapes are as visualized in words as in his paintings. You guessed it. I love this book.


Nook - Barnes and Nobel

As much as I love my books, and trust me I love them too much to get rid of any of them, the N&B Nook has me interested. Especially the possible option of downloading PDF files and reading off the Nook. I wouldn't kick it out from under my Christmas tree, but at the same time, I doubt I would opt to buy the e-book over a hard copy. Free online books a la canon here I come!


I have a Playstation. A playstation that, for all intensive purposes, I think my parents sole because I never use it. So as much I would love a Wii with all the mario and tennis games I can muster, it is not a practical get Heather gift. But it is pretty. Very pretty.

*As usual, a blog post took way longer than I thought. And while this wasn't posted at 10am as planned, I'm sure dear reader, you still get the picture.