& the slipper still fits


Oh my! dear reader, it is the first "Keep me current" with a few uncurrent links, but I'm sure you'll be entertained.

Bill Condon tries to start first certifiable riot on Internet. (above photo) In other news, why is it every time I click a Twilight link IE dies a little?

Game of Thrones HBO first look. Boromir! You're back!

Several Hobbit Updates hit Internet.

Return to Cranford slated to open PBS's costume drama line up in new year. Yay!!

Early reviews of 'The King's Speech' promising. When is anything Colin Firth does not promising? But seriously, this movie looks fantastic. I hope it will play in my local theatre for at least a week so I can catch it.

Behind the Scenes footage from new PotC

Jane Eyre 2011 gets a website As if I know obsessively check tumblr enough, now I'll be glued to this site like--well, like glue. There's a new photo lurking around too, even though its in the trailer already: