& the slipper still fits

Casual Fridays - OOTD

Casual Fridays are a staple at my workplace; actually, its one of our favorite perks. And while I love getting to wear jeans to work, I'm always very careful not to go too casual. Now, if you knew where I worked, you might begin to wonder...but in any job, a surprise drop in by a very important person is always a possibility. And the last thing I want is to be remembered as is the "too casual" girl.

I'm sure I have a few of my readers wondering -- why are we doing an Outfit of the Day posting? Yes. This is new for me too. But, with my new found-style blogging freedom -- something I didn't have a few weeks ago -- I though, why not?! And Fridays are always fun days for me to try new fashion things, so I'm trying this OOTD thing out for the next few Fridays. Should we see how it goes?

If you haven't figured this out before, which is entirely possible, I really don't talk about my style often, I'm a huge fan of the Hamptons/nautical feel. I'm addicted to strips and I love navy. Hence, much of what I wear is so inspired. I haven't been feeling all that dapper (ie - that's why I look expressionless in these photos) due to some hideous allergies hitting the mid-Atlantic, so I went for the comfy beach look today.

Shirt & Sweater: American Living, JCPenny; Jeans: Ana, JCPenny; necklace: Sweet Romance; Flip flops: Old Navy
Dark wash jeans are the foundation of my look today, and these ladies and gents are petites. I used to think that longer jeans were a good look, but really, all they did was make me swim at the feet. Now, I buy the right proportioned jean and I feel so much more confident in them. My top is a knit with a wider horizontal stripe. To add the comfort factor, I throw on a very heavy knitted sweater in cream. This sweater is the key to the Hamptons look for me, and makes a casual top and jeans into an outfit. Does it make me look at little thick on top? Well, yeah, but with the sweater itself thicker, I tend to think it balances out. My issue area will forever by my hips, so I tend not to dwell on my top as much. I finish the look with my Edwardian lockets and some blue flip flops and head off to work for the day.

On the blogging note: I'm not sure how much I like that the OOTD is all about...me. LOL. Or if dear reader, you like reading about what I wear. I do follow many more fashion blogs in the background though, so we're still going to try this on for size and see what happens. Don't worry, a more Jane Austen-centered post is on the horizon too.