& the slipper still fits

Pride and Prejudice Fanmix

In celebration of the rewatch this Friday, I've mixed together some of my favorite current songs that always remind me of Pride and Prejudice. Mixing music, for connecting my favorite songs to my favorite books is something I've been doing forever (even before Ms. Meyer made it popular). And for me, Pride and Prejudice is a mix of alternative jazz for the heavy parts, and upbeat alternative and pop for the lighthearted parts. After all, if the Bennets were a modern family, I think Kitty and Lydia would make the rest suffer through some pretty awful teeny-bopper pop.

My favorite pick on this mix is Adele's "Rollin' in the Deep". Its one of my favorite songs for Darcy's rejection by Elizabeth. And yes, I still listen to Dashboard Confessional. I got to see them last year in concert and they still rock, dear reader. 

To give you just a hint, quite a few of the songs relate toward Darcy. Well...that angst is more the music I listen to, but I'm sure you can pick out the bright Bennet spots too. 

If you would like to listen to all the songs, hop on over to 8tracks. You'll even find a few other mixes I've made. 

Don't forget #REpride is this Friday starting @ 8pm EST!