& the slipper still fits

Will work for costume dramas

Not really dear reader, I just think saying will work for food -- not so new or interesting. But, I will work for food, and costume dramas, but even better -- a little cash.

A few weeks ago I made a big decision, in order to fully commit time to the novel, blog here, and in general to not be run dead in a year: I quit my supplemental, part-time job at a retail store. Now I can actually blog about fashion and where I buy it without possibly getting in heep big trouble. I can write, and be in a physical and mental state conducive to writing. And I can start expanding my graphic design portfolio, which really needs some expanding.

What does that mean? Well dear reader, you're in luck! It means, that at least for the next few months, I will be doing 2 free commissions a month. The first 2 people to comment on this post and then email me at heather.frances @gmail .com, will receive a free commission!

Free commissions include: business cards, website buttons/headers, resume redesigns, or 30-40 pages of novel/fanfiction formatting (and editing). The commission will be completed within the month and you get to pick exactly what you want. 1 commission per winner. Winners are not eligible to enter again.

Feel like you want something with a larger scale? Don't want to wait? Check out the hire me page, with the By Heather PDF guide for rough pricing on graphic design work and get me designing ASAP.