& the slipper still fits

REwatch REcap

This spring, dear reader, has been one of my absolute favorites for rewatching. And, now that the first day of summer is fast approaching and the Spring!rewatches are over, I feel like its a perfect time for reflection on the 4 REwatches we rocked via twitter.

FIRST: I've got to thank my rewatch ladies who made these possible and fantastic! @CaseeMarie (I SO could not have done these without you!) @DarbyDashwood @LadyRelaynie @So_Meow @SheBlog @Mu5icRomancer . Ladies, you're the best and never let anyone tell you different.

#REsuasion was the first of the rewatches simply because--and I do not say this lightly--it has to be my favorite of all adaptations. There is just something about this one: I can't put my finger on it, but this Persuasion, even with its textual changes, even with its event shifts, just makes me unbelievably happy. As much as I do love my Pride and Prejudice, my North and South, my Jane Eyres, I simply cannot get past the fact that whenever I just feel like watching a beautiful costume drama, I pop this one in my DVD player. 

#REsense was next, and it was fantastic. We all got silent whenever Brandon spoke, we all adored Edward and Elinor, and we were all so talkative during this rewatch. This was the first big rewatch, with more of us participating and gushing over one of our favorite costume dramas. This is also the rewatch the brilliant and fantastic Casee Marie joined me in co-hosting.

#REanger is one of those short costume dramas and is too adorable and too time friendly not to watch. It was also one many of the rewatch gals hadn't seen. Luckily, its an easy one, too, to get our little costume fan hands on, and we were off to the races. Northanger is that brilliant mix of humor, Gothic undertones, and classic Austen romance. As Austen's first novel, hints of her later characters abound. If you are careful, and rewatch it a few times: you'll find the seeds of Darcy, Elizabeth, Caroline, Fanny, Edward, Wickham and Willoughby amongst others.

#REpride is how the rewatches (for me) began and how they ended this spring season. Every beginning of Spring I rewatch the epic '95 version, and as the twitter rewatches got underway, there was no way P&P '05 was going to be left out. Sometimes the best dish comes from other costume drama fans, and boy were we dishing last night! Emma Thompson's connection, the complete textual changes, Orlando Bloom's twin....it was all in there dear reader! Don't you wish you'd joined us?

Now the rewatches are not going away. Not by a long shot! They now will be featured in fycd's week of costume, which occurs for a whole week once a month in the summer. A week of costume is a feature on the tumblr: Anything Period where I only post photos from one costume drama for a whole week. Last summer we did: Pride and Prejudice, The Young Victoria, and Marie Antoinette.

So, this means that if the week of costume is Pride and Prejudice focused, we will be rewatching Pride and Prejudice for the rewatch. I know it might sound silly, but with summer being busy for everyone, I think one rewatch a month will make the anticipation all the more fun. The first week of costume begins June 20. Pencil in June 24 for the next rewatch! What will we be watching? Well, we'll just have to wait till June 3rd to find out!