& the slipper still fits

Didn't Catch Upstairs Downstairs?

PBS, the wonders that they always are, has made the first episode available online for a limited time. (They also have 39 Steps up, which, if you haven't seen it, block out a 3 hour chunk and watch it too.)

Upstairs Downstairs is a revival of the 70's classic by the same name about the next generation tenants at 165 Eaton Place. Set around the turn of the century, Upstairs Downstairs will remind you of Dowton Abbey: the juxtaposition of life in service to life in elegance, the sweet and strained relationships, and, of course, beautiful houses. 

With only watching the first episode, I have to say my verdict is still out. I enjoyed episode one, I thought it went rather fast, but there wasn't much of a deeper connecetion for me. Since its only three episodes long, there are interesting storylines and fabulous character moments that are quickly glossed over and moved past, which is really the biggest shame. I certainly will be watching episode two, and three though.