& the slipper still fits

OOTD - I can't believe I'm doing this

Beware dear reader! This is not a normal Heather post! Well, it will be characteristically Heather; however, it is not about what we normally cover here. Today, I'm doing my first (and probably only lol) OOTD, which stands for Outfit of the Day. Trust me, I am not a fashionista. Sure I love Chanel as much as the next girl, and shopping, and most of the time I try to coordinate my colors, but on the whole, my fashion posts could never be a fantastic as Casee's or Anika's. (Who, by the way, have totally sucked me in to fashion blogs.) I do though, have a little fashion story to tell you today.

A few days ago Anika (whose blog is always so inspiring and fun to read) posted a piece about the nude fashion trend. I have always been a fan of this trend. I love the light pink hues of it mixed with soft and dark greys. Somehow, I think its not so far away from my staple South Hampton nautical feel. Wanting to follow this trend is actually the reason I bought this particular dress from H&M. Sort of. Unlike the other piece I'd bought that same day (a thin stripe blue dress), Mom talked me into this one. She loved it. And she loved it so much, I thought "hey, it might look good; I'll just get it."

And you know what? It sat. It sat in my closet for 3 months. Every time I put it on, thought I'd wear it to work, I took if off. I thought it looked too childish or too frumpy. Says something about buying clothes you don't love, right?

Fridays are casual day at work, and yesterday I just seemed to not care. I put caution to the wind, threw on a white tank under it, put jeans on and went to work. And go figure! I got more compliments yesterday on the shirt/dress than basically any other outfit I've ever worn. I was so surprised, so shocked, that my thoughts about the dress ran in contrast to everyone else's, that I just had to tell Anika and thank her for giving me the final little push I needed to wear the nude-pink dress out of the house. I finished it with these shiny little shoes and made a fashionista for the day.

O! And I figured, why waste a great shot of my desk?! Yep. That is all the #REsense info on the white board. Yep. I do have a Lord of the Rings sword on my wall. My Keep Calm poster? What you can't see is that the line ends: And stay pretty.