& the slipper still fits

The guiltiest of gulity pleasures - Girl's Next Door

Do you need a laugh, dear reader? Maybe a trip down fangirl memory lane of not so long ago? Well, if your inner fangirl bindged on Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera, and Pirates of the Caribbean (with particular and frequent stops around the fanfiction.net buffet), I have a web comic that is just for you.

Girl's Next Door follows Christine Daee and Sarah Williams as they are tormented by their unrequited admirers Erik and Jareth. Written and drawn by Rebecca Morse, or pika-la-cynique if you follow her on Deviant Art, Girl's Next Door in a spinoff of the very popular Roommates, also a dA online comic, written and drawn by Ashe Rhyder.

Now I love GND for more reasons than you can count, least of all the extremely cute Owl-Jareth that makes apperances at rather oppertune moments. Erik is still the creep-tastic phantom, but with a heart of gold. And dear James Norrington and Javert are just along for the crazy filled ride. But the best part has to be all of the quirky, surprising, and just down right hysterical guest characters. I don't want to name names, but characters from Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Good Omens, and yes, even Twlight, guest star. 

Start at the beginning and you're in for a treat. Click on a random page in the gallery, and I'm sure you'll leave laughing. On a day were I need just a little inspiration and a lot of laugh, I head over to GND. It always makes me feel better.

Image clipped from GND pages 112 and "Spehul"