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#REsense recap

Dear reader, I'm positive no one had more fun last night than us at our #REsense twitter party. My lovely beyond lovely cohoestess @CaseeMarie and some of my favorite twitter ladies: @darbydashwood, @ladyrelaynie, @sheblog, and @so_meow, dropped by to enjoy a lot of Austen, and even more Austen discussion. Wondering what some of the top rewatch moments were? They're below, or read the twitter log here.

The twitter silence any time Brandon walked on screen/talked.
There was a good 8 minutes where no one typed anything. I thought twitter might be having a meltdown, or my computer was going to blow up, then the tweets started again and everyone realized we had been silent. And then, we figured out why -- Col. Brandon, in that oh so sexy Alan Rickman voice, was telling us his history in connection with Willoughby. This happened again twice later on in the night and was an amazingly entertaining coincidence. A theory was also thrown out that most women think Snape is a closet gentleman because Rickman played Brandon. Okay, so I'm the one that brought it up and I'm the one that thinks it, but I still think its true! 

Our mutual distaste for Lucy & Fanny
There will always be one Austen character we just can't stand, or certainly love to hate. For Sense and Sensibility that title was won by both Lucy and Fanny. Two women equally ridiculous and equally spiteful.

The inevitable comparison to the '08 adaptation, and subsequent desire to watch the '08 adaptation
Need I say more? I didn't think so.

A argument must be made that Edward and Elinor rival Darcy and Elizabeth  
Darcy and Elizabeth are iconic. They're iconic because of their hate-love relationship, but during the rewatch we questioned why Elinor and Edward are seen as a lesser couple. They're are just as honorable, just as hopelessly in love, and in many ways, act more mature than Darcy and Lizzy. Therefore, I'm arguing today that, while Darcy and Lizzy can keep their reigning title, Elinor and Edward need to get a little more respect as a top Austen couple.

2 more rewatched have be forged (Forgive the medieval sword references, I've been watching too much Camelot)
YEP. Two more rewatches! Northanger Abbey  and Pride and Prejudice '05 will be our next rewatches. This will include more Austen fabulousness, more wallpapers, more photos, and lots more tweets. Pencil in April 29th for Northanger and May 20th for Pride and Prejudice. I know, it feels like a long way away, but it will SO be worth it! More details to come.