& the slipper still fits

Everything you need to know about the S&S rewatch

Dear readers! We're doing it again. That's right! Another rewatch!
This time? The 1997 version of Sense and Sensibility hosted by yours truly and the fantastic Casee from The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower.

When: April 8th at 8:00 pm EST
Where: Twitter: #REsense
Who: Everyone!
Why: Because we can. And everyone loves to watch Alan Rickman play Col. Brandon, but if you want to have a twitter discussion on why David Morrissey is better, totally I'm game. (btw David Morrissey HAS a twitter (ignore the very strange profile pic. I'm pretty positive its him.) I'm sure if we @ him enough, he might be intrigued..)
Incentive: Isn't rewatching enough?! If its not, I'll be posting special links to S&S fanart wallpapers and high res images not yet posted on fycd during the April 8th rewatch. The links will only be good for the 2 hour rewatch window.

Keep checking back for more rewatch info! Of special interest: Wednesday and Thursday.