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S&S rewatch, reasons to be excited

Dear reader, are you as excited for the rewatch as I am? I have my dvd all set out already, I've got all the wallpapers and photos ready. I even...I know this is bad...watched the 2008 BBC adaptation to get ready. Now, I figured there is no reason to sing the newest adaptations praises, we'll be comparing it to the fantastic '95 version in just 2 days, so why not talk a little literary today?

As Jane Austen's first published work, Sense and Sensibility asks many of the same questions as her first novel, (and her last published) Northanger Abbey: what is true love, true romance, and true good sense. What is different in S&S is that we get to see two starkly contrasted relationships grow at the same time. And while different, both relationships question what makes sense and what social sensibility dictates. And, like every Austen novel -- good sense wins, and most of the time is complimentary to social sensibility.

What I love about the novel is Austen's narrator has such a strong voice throughout. In the adaptations, Elinor takes on much of that strength. Thus, its undertone in her character deeply impacts her silent suffering. Anytime Elinor's on screen you feel her love suffocating her, you feel her desires chocking in her throat. Its a brilliant example of how, though some things are lost in translation, other, beautiful nuances take their place.

I can't wait to see what we think during the rewatch! I always love adaptation discussion.

Feel like catching up on your S&S?

And to all my blogging bellas, I'm so sorry I've been MIA around your comment pages and tweets. Real life's been cah-razy. I can't wait to kick back and #REsense on Friday!